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Registration Process

Last Updated: Nov. 15, 2015

You will be best prepared if you are already on the website early and ready to “make a reservation” at 7:00 a.m. on reservation morning in March. Between then and the day of registration when you arrive, you will need to go online and check your account to make sure everything is accurate and create/update your medical and consent forms. You can access these forms from “Document Center” when you are logged in to your account.

We will be in the office (208-634-5922) each reservation day to help with any trouble you may have. Your preferred camp session may fill quickly. When you log on and get a reservation spot, you will be assured of a camp reservation. You will then have fifteen minutes to pick your activities (which will fill and disappear in real time), pick your cabin, and pay for your reservation. You will not be booted out of the program or passed by other users. If you have any problems, please call us immediately as we can monitor your progress from the administrative side of the program and help get you back on track. The drawback of this feature is that the available reservations will potentially be filled by the fastest keystrokes at exactly 7 a.m. on reservation morning.

If you noticed that camp filled very quickly on reservation morning and your child was unable to make a reservation but still wants to come, just make sure his/her name is on the waiting list for that session. If you have any difficulties, feel free to call us and we will do our best to help.

The beauty of the online reservation is that you can always visit your account and check on your activities and what you have reserved. There is also the ability to change from one activity to another, provided the one you want is not already full (only available activities are shown). Please be sure you are content with your reservation. We are trying to make lodging changes for some who wish to bunk together. Any wishes that we are not able to accommodate can usually be resolved at the cabin circle with the head counselor right after registration. Please wait patiently for this opportunity.

We ask that you look over your account carefully before coming to registration to double-check names, addresses, current phone numbers, and email addresses. If you’ve lost your username or password, we would be happy to send it to your email. Please be aware that you will be responsible for any information sent to the email or primary phone number listed on your account.

When you arrive at camp on the Sunday starting your week adventure, please note that the camp gates are closed until 3:00 p.m. This gives our wonderful staff time to ready the grounds for your arrival. Registration will still start promptly at 4:00 p.m. and goes until 5:00 p.m. in the Old Lodge.

Douglas will be at the head of the registration line to help you. He will give you your confirmation paper so you can confirm information and to answer any questions. Please keep this paper until you are finished registering.

If your child is riding the bus, we will follow the same basic steps listed below. However, you will need to write down any registration changes and medication instructions for the bus driver.

There will be two lines at registration—each line will be the same and will finalize the following topics:

Stop #1 – Financial: Make your final payment on camp fees, store deposit, DVD of camp week, camp photo, and bus fare (where applicable). We only accept credit cards online. Check or cash only will be accepted during registration on Sunday.
Stop #2 – Lodging and Activities: Registration staff will confirm your camper’s cabin assignment and activities and give you information regarding mail, packages, and emails. Guardians may want to bring cards or packages to be dispensed throughout the week. You may hand these items to any registration staff for safe keeping, as long as they are marked with the recipient’s full name and cabin number. Any cabin changes will be addressed by the head counselor in the cabin circle after you go through line.
Stop #3 – Medical: Stop for a moment and talk with our Camp Medical Staff. You can expedite the process if you have your child’s medicines in a zip lock bag and a paper inside with instructions for dispensing (enter these instructions online on your child’s health forms in advance and be one step ahead). Medications will only be accepted if they are in original packaging. Access your online account to complete the medical release forms before arrival. Please go to your account online and click on your camper’s name on the left. At the bottom of the screen under forms, if it is blank or says “incomplete” please edit, complete, and save the form. You can now take advantage of e-signature on this form so you do not need to fax or mail the form to us.
Stop #4 – Camp Shirt: Receive your child’s camp shirt (possession of this shirt is the only way for your child to get into their cabin; this will assure the counselor that you have been through the registration line)

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