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The History of Camp Ida-Haven

a work in progress

11 acres purchased (Cassius Munsey instrumental in purchase). Price $1,100
First summer camp held
Gem State Academy Senior class snow shoed into camp and spent the weekend in Pioneer Lodge. Leon Cornforth involved.
Camp was reserved from the conference office. No electricity at camp. Wood stove and walk-in ice box for refer. People brought own food and cooked it and did their own dishes.
In the fall at GSAA the girls club spent the weekend at camp. Betty Cornforth one of the Faculty, along with Rose Budd. All were loaded into the back of Rudolph’s cattle truck with a canvas cover. Very cold as the only heat was the fireplace.
Youth leaders of the Conference organized Junior Camp- Elder Emery had the help of young pastors (Leon Cornforth one)
Neighboring camp (YMCA) offers to sell 25 acres adjacent property to church ($99,000). Money in hand to build Main Lodge. Choice made to build building not purchase more land. Sold to developer- 48 condos built
Main lodge completed
Hugh and Maxine Cowles first year-round caretakers
Dave Shasky summer camp director
Cowles and Shaskys leave. Interim couple clean out accumulation, decide not to stay. Douglas and Darla Roe take combined position. Kubota tractor and snow blower purchased.
Three weeks of Kids’ camps, two weeks of family camp, Baptist family camp, Glad Tidings family camp. Total kids 215. Main lodge kitchen re-arranged and two ovens added. Use of camp ski Natique with Iwasa Sport Natique.
Largest wildfire in North America close to camp. Closed in August for 11 days. Started building “new cabins”. Foundations done in August, sub-floors done in September, Walls up and trusses on in October. Roof sheeting and tin done in November. First new boat – California Skier (Agnetta)
In the spring we finished the siding on the cabins. Plumbing done in two days by DeBest Plumbing crew. Inside walls installed in the summer by staff. Boys cabins used due to deteriorated condition of their old cabins. Keystone blocks used for retaining wall and main lodge steps. Sewer run to cabin area.
In an attempt to add camp programs, Ultimate Camp introduced during family camp time. It was a four day back-packing trip through the seven devils area. Seven Kids participated. New horse corrals installed. Tack shed with water and power. Waterfront wall started in January and completed next year. Second new boat Ski Brendella (Schultz).
New docks ordered and installed. They were paid for within 9 months by donations ($84,000). In addition to use of Agnetta and Schultz boats, added Castanon’s. Basketball court built. New Bridge installed, rail road flat car with concrete surface...
First large expanse of grass installed in front of Main lodge along newly completed wall and plantings. Continued plantings started by JK2 and added to every year. Roof replaced on Old Lodge. Insulated to help use in winter. Extra week of kids’ camp added (four weeks/ 308 totals). Roof of old lodge expanded to cover porches and roof to cover stairs of Main Lodge.
Flag pole raised and bell tower built to provide place for memory plaques. Grass added to front of Old Lodge. Bath house started. Foundation and slab poured. Mike Hixon starts BMX course. Main lodge bathrooms remodeled to reduce exposure when the door opened.
Tree house and mini golf course completed. Furnace added to Old Lodge to make it more usable in winter. First try at community meeting to promote Camp at Cloverdale Church. Video did not make it to the meeting.
Second community meeting to promote Camp at the Event Center. Camp sells out 1⁄4 of spots available at the event. Tipi Village created with more keystone blocks/grassed. Last year of Family Camp. (375 kids) Camp given Zamboni at camp convention. Rope course destroyed by wind storm.
Main seating area and first level of walls for Cathedral done with keystone blocks. Bathhouse completed and in use. Added fifth week of kids’ camp (466 totals). Ted’s tunnel put in place. DeBest Fire sprinkler makes new poles for ropes course and ships to camp (Installed May/June). Nathan Castanon dies in car accident in February. Dr. Botimer gives two boats to camp. (’97 sport and new ’02 super air). Video dept. gets new camera from Abdelfadis/Stamos. Storage barn built by basketball court for boat storage. RV spots carved out and power, water, sewer installed. Sewer expanded from cabins to RV.
Keystone reset in Fire Bowl to make it uniform. Wi-Fi added to camp. Weddings galore this year (Kites, Browns, Hendricks, Davis, Cooks, McPherson, Ammon, and Heinrich)
Cathedral walls raised. Dirt floor changed to stage. Windstorm destroys storage barn and damages boats.
Outside of Cathedral adds keystone planters. JK2 doesn’t miss opportunity to add flowers and shrubs.
Swinging bridge replaces old wooden bridge. Planter with keystones added by Dr. Botimer. His wife and JK2 fill it with flowers. Wall built at challenge course for climbing wall. New floor installed in Café. Grass added to assembly/flag pole area. Camp tractor replaced with Bobcat.
New flooring in selected Main Lodge rooms and all cabins. Carpet in living area/ tile in bathrooms. New mattresses in Main Lodge/ tempur-pedic. New well drilled. Storage sheds added for Basketball court, Challenge course, Music shed.
Steps expanded in front of Main Lodge. Deck expanded on Main Lodge. Well hooked up to camp water system. 250 gallons/minute 47 pounds of pressure. Three fire hydrants installed. Memory walk added to north portion of camp. Camp store remodel started. Crystal Maxwell crafts Camp Pledge.
Retaining wall in Cabin circle added, grass added. Roof replaced on Main Lodge (9,000 square feet). First year of online registration, we tried all camps on one day. It was not good. Our loyal campers flooded the servers. New Master craft Ski/board boat donated. New cabinets in Store. New sound system added in Cathedral.
Addition of sixth week of kids’ camps (614 kids). New Rock sign at front gate. Large donation given for new shop project. NeXt Camp (special needs campers and family invited at no cost) started in present form. Micro-burst puts tree on Bath house, repairs minor. BMX gets own shed, Matthew Palmer expands course. Theatre lights added to Cathedral. Pathfinder lodge has waterline break in November, repairs done by mid-January of ’11.
New special use permit applied for, city, county applications and permits. One was granted in 1994 but they could not find it. Kids’ camp total 630. Dr. Botimer gifts us with excavator. Shop emptied for destruction. Dr. Cook buys container to hold equipment over winter.
May- old shop demolished and hole dug for new shop building. Footings, concrete walls, and floor poured by September. (400 cubic yards of concrete) Joe Jenks stayed late to help Russ Mayer and Douglas get it closed in for winter. Andrew Schnell adds second verse to Camp Song. Storm damage to Bath house (again), Cathedral, and many trees down. Gatekeeper Cottage added.
Container moved alongside building and backfill begins. Power installed to Shop. Back fill completed. Camp office remodeled/ three times floor space. New cabinets and work stations added complete with Wi-Fi and network at each space. Wireless expanded to cabin area.
Started June 1 to add top floor of Shop. Many volunteers and much help by camp staff to get it dried in by September. Video job building purchased for same amount as previous rentals, moved along Shop and hooked up to power. Retaining wall added to front of shop.

Youth directors and years they may have been associated with Camp

G. H. Larson
H. W. Jewkes
T. O. Wiley
M. J. Perepelitza
A. J. Werner
S. H. Emery
Dean VanTassel
H. D. Schwartz
E. R. Schaak
Jack Nail
LaVern Opp
Keith Alexander

Very Familiar Names With Camp

Leon & Betty Cornforth
came every five years from 1945 for class reunion and Cornforth Family Reunion as well as Leon involved in ministry here for many years
George & Elsie Iwasa
worked at camp and several children and grandchildren worked at Camp. (Son) Dr. Steve Iwasa donated boat to camp from 1992 onward. He was impetus with Ron Carroll in getting funding started for “new cabins”. Steve started fireworks donations, later carried on and expanded by his brother Dr. Dan Iwasa.
Milford & Grace Terrell
He is the longest serving Camp Operation Board Chairman. Both are Instrumental in making camp improvements and making it successful.
Jon & Jeanette Kattenhorn
They first came in 1997 to serve one week as Camp Doctor. They have come every year since for one week, and have done many other projects in addition to the medical team. (Include but not limited to- plantings, weeding, sprinklers, painting, masonry, building bath house, landscaping, screen doors, roofing, sky ski instructor and mentor, boat driving, bridge building, creek bank restoration, and more planting of flowers)

Anything We Missed?

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Camp Ida-Haven has been, is now and should continue to be a heavenly place where the Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventist members of all ages may find physical, mental, social and spiritual refreshment, direction and fellowship.

Memories of Ida-Haven have eternal influence that provide lasting joy. Other Christian groups who use Ida-Haven learn of and appreciate Seventh-day Adventist values regardless of race, religion, color, sex, disability or national origin.