Last Updated: Feb. 28, 2017

Counselor Bios for 2017


Cabin 1 – Rachel Rogers

Rogers is returning for her third year in cabin 1. She loves to sing and play the guitar. She loves playing board games, swimming and Disney. Peter Pan and Tarzan are her favorite childhood cartoons and her favorite color is green. Corny jokes always make her laugh, and continue to bring her milk chocolate caramel Kisses. She loves Jesus and is excited to meet you (again).

Cabin 6 – Alisha Paulson

Alisha Paulson is retuning for her fifth summer at Camp, her fourth as counselor. She is so excited to see all her returning campers as well as make new friends! She has made so many wonderful memories at Camp and with her campers. Her girls make Camp fun for her! If you did not already know, she loves playing games, singing, laughing, eating chocolate, and winning Cabin Cup. She just graduated from Walla Walla University as a teacher. She is from Spokane, WA and has a dog named Mya. This summer is going to be a blast!

Cabin 7 – Megan Gregg

This is Megan Gregg’s first summer at Camp and she can’t wait to meet you! She absolutely loves dogs-especially big ones. Megan and her St. Bernard are known as the gentle giant duo. She is a volleyball player, chocolate is her favorite, and she loves to relax in the outdoors. She will be graduating next year from Walla Walla University as a teacher and completely enjoys hanging around kids. She loves the energy, passion, and enthusiasm girls have for life and can’t wait to become a part of the Ida-Haven family. She looks forward to meeting all your smiling faces!

Cabin 8 – SiSi Davis

Returning for her third summer is SiSi Davis. She would love to have you come and join wonderful cabin 8 for an awesome week at camp. She is stoked to be back at the absolute best place on earth! She is currently at Walla Walla University where she is studying health promotion and pre-occupational therapy. Some things that make her especially happy are traveling, hiking, running, biking, water-skiing, cooking, playing sports, eating good food (especially tacos), laughing, and the list goes on. Since most of those things can be done at Camp, she invites you to join her for your best week of the summer in cabin 8.

Cabin 9 – Katie Folkenberg

Katie Folkenberg is returning for her second summer. She is a sophomore social work major at Walla Walla University. She spent the first quarter of this year studying in England and got to travel all around Europe. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and she loves sports, sunshine, food, and being spontaneous. She is so excited for all the wonderful times that are in store for you at Ida-Haven, a home and a place to grow, and for you to experience God in an extra special way. Join her for a fun time in cabin 9.


Cabin 2 – Jonathan Kontra

This is Jonathan Kontra’s first summer at Camp Ida-Haven, but he has worked in other camp programs. He will be a sophomore at Linn-Benton Community College where he is studying Civil Engineering. Once he gets his degree he will be transferring to Walla Walla University to continue his education. He enjoys theatre, robotics, cooking, and sports, and is always game for a good joke. If you’re like him and want the best summer ever then you need to get into cabin 2.

Cabin 3 – Braden Stanyer

Braden Stanyer is returning for his third summer in cabin 3. He plays the guitar, and the tuba, and loves dry humor. He is an active guy with a playful streak. He is also a student at Walla Walla University (Bioengineering/ premed) and loves water, music, and just hanging out. He is ready to have a blast this summer, so sign up for cabin 3.

Cabin 4 – Jonathan Bradshaw

Jonathan Bradshaw is making history by returning to be the first boys’ counselor to serve five years! He is coming from a stint as a student missionary on the island of Palau. He can’t wait to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones. He loves sports, summer, and anything outdoors! His goal this summer is to help you have the best week of your life and can’t wait to see you in cabin 4.

Cabin 5 – Steven Kontra

Steven Kontra is very excited to be coming for his first year at Camp Ida-Haven. He will be starting his first year at Oregon State University, and loves sports. Throughout high school he played football, basketball, baseball, and ran cross county. He has an intense appreciation for God’s great outdoors. His goal is to have your faith come alive in cabin 5.

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