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Camp Store

Last Updated: Nov. 6, 2017

We offer a “bank account” system for our camp store. A store deposit is the best option for spending money at camp because campers will avoid the possibility of losing cash in their cabin or out on the grounds. Any outstanding balance can be taken care of online with a credit card payment, E-check, or in line at registration with cash or check. Money not spent at the store will be returned to you the following Sunday when you pick up your child. However, to avoid the hassle, anything under $1 that is left in the store account will not be refunded unless specifically requested.

You can deposit money under “store deposit” on your reservation details in your online account, and that amount will be added to your total balance. An average deposit amount is $20–50. The camp store offers various clothing items, toys, snow cones, and hygienic supplies.

If you wish to add money to your child’s account while they are at camp, please call the office to make arrangements. It is important that you email your child and let them know that you have put more money into their account. This will help ensure that they get this information while at camp so that they can use those funds. We do our best to communicate these things to them but an extra form of communication will be helpful as camp life is very busy.

We will also have a Camp Ida-Haven party tin available for sale. In the event that you forget to bring or do not wish to mail a box of little gifts, you can visit the selection we will have available at the camp store. This tin is designed for the Saturday night party and will be given to the camper in the Saturday mail. You can sign up for a camp “party tin” online under “Options,” the same way you sign up for a picture or video. That amount ($10) will be added to your total balance.

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Camp Ida-Haven has been, is now and should continue to be a heavenly place where the Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventist members of all ages may find physical, mental, social and spiritual refreshment, direction and fellowship.

Memories of Ida-Haven have eternal influence that provide lasting joy. Other Christian groups who use Ida-Haven learn of and appreciate Seventh-day Adventist values regardless of race, religion, color, sex, disability or national origin.