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2018 Activity Descriptions

Subject to change…


Learn how to correctly use a bow and arrow. Hone your skills and improve your accuracy through a great deal of practice during the week.


For those with artistic ability, our instructor will help you fine-tune your skills. Enjoy the opportunity to record the scenery and activities found at camp in different mediums.


Have fun riding on our BMX track in addition to learning how to take care of your bikes. We emphasize responsible riding. You'll need to bring your own helmet, pads, and other gear, and you should bring your own BMX bike.


Enjoy many trails around camp and learn some basic maintenance for your bike. Responsible riding is a big part of this activity. You will need to bring your own mountain bike, an appropriate sized helmet, pads, water bottle, and other mountain biking gear. Camp can only make minor repairs in regards to your bike. Please make sure your bike is tuned up and ready for the week of riding before you come.


Learn the basics of paddling and canoe management. Once the fundamentals are learned, scenic Payette Lake offers many fun places to explore by canoe.

CHALLENGE COURSE A two-period activity

Our challenge course combines low and high elements to challenge abilities and fears. You'll begin on the low elements emphasizing trust and teamwork. Junior to Teen campers move up to the high elements, including the cargo net, dangling duo, log walk, leap of faith, the beast, and the zip line.


You will spend an hour each day learning climbing techniques and practicing on our climbing wall.

CLIMBING WALL, ADVANCED A two-period activity

Enjoy learning to climb higher, jump further, and gain more knowledge of climbing. Previous experience is a necessity. Offered Earliteen and Teen Camp Only.


You will get a chance to show your true artistic creativity. Each year there is something new, and you get to keep the masterpieces you create.


Want to make crafts you can eat? This activity will take your creativity to a whole new level. We will improve your skills in the kitchen by creating and decorating exciting, yummy projects. Enjoy eating your creations with your friends at camp or take them home to share with your family. If you have food allergies, you should not take this activity.


Learn how to create, edit, and fix digital photos using the latest software. In this activity you will participate in taking photos for the web.


A new look to a camp favorite is this years’ Drama. Prepare for a week of coaching, and developing your skills, which will be displayed in front of the whole camp.


This is a fun activity that provides exposure to a variety of different sports. You can enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, dodge ball and more.


This activity will tour the Camp as campers increase their accuracy and Frisbee throwing ability throughout the week. Participants can expect to improve their skills as they enjoy Camp's course.

Games on the Green

New this year is an intro to some well-known, but less common, lawn games. These will include Badminton, Croquet, Bocce Ball, Lawn Darts, Horse Shoes, and others. Sign up for fun-filled outdoor games with your friends.

Guitar for Beginners

Bring your own guitar and get started on your musical exploration with help from one of our musically gifted staff. You will learn the basics and fundamentals to get started.

Guitar, Advanced

This activity is for young musicians to further their love for music and learning experience through new playing technique and performance. Students need to have a previous knowledge of basic chords and/or bar chords and have at least tried finger picking and are willing to learn picking songs. Offered Earliteen and Teen Camp Only.


If you already have inline skates and all the protective gear, you will enjoy this activity. Hard-hitting and fast-action for the adventuresome. (Skates and gear not required.)

JET SKIING Additional $30 fee for this activity

In this activity you learn how to ride stand-up jet skis. Those that know how to ride will learn more about jet skis and even a few tricks. Not offered Cub Camp.


Join this fun activity to improve your entertainment skills. Learn the techniques and move on to become more advanced.

MODEL ROCKETRY Additional $20 fee for this activity

We supply you with the materials and teach you how to build model rockets that really fly. At the end of the week the rockets are launched, and in most cases, even retrieved.


This activity will allow campers to enjoy Camp equipment to participate in this popular water sport. It’s a fun way to learn to balance in the water and enjoy the lake. All participants will wear life jackets.


In this activity we utilize our sailboats and Payette Lake to teach you the fundamentals of sailing. Warm summer afternoons usually provide plenty of wind so you get experience and have fun at the same time.


Learn simple and practical self-defense in a fun way! We will learn escapes from wrist, hair, choke and other assault positions as well as how to fall correctly without hurting yourself.


Learn the basic outdoor skills such as orienteering, animal tracking, knot tying, fire building, cooking, identifying edible plants, and building wilderness shelters.


A fun class where you'll learn the names of the strings, how to tune, and finally some basic chords on the ukulele. By the end of the week, we'll be jamming to some of your favorite songs!


Spend time learning to ride on one wheel. As the week progresses your balance will improve and so will your confidence and enjoyment in this unique sport.


In this activity you will learn how to create a short video plot as well as act in your own film that you can take home and share with your friends and family.


Waterfront offers many activities in addition to swimming, such as water-skiing, wake-boarding, knee boarding, banana, and boat rides.

WATER SPORTS, ADVANCED Additional $50 fee for this activity & a two-period activity

This activity is specialized for the water sport enthusiasts. Here you will share a boat with two other people for a 2-hour period each day. From skiing to wake-boarding, bare-footing to sky skiing, you will have a chance to improve your skills. You might want to bring a wetsuit. Not offered Cub or Junior Camp.

WHITE WATER RAFTING A one-day activity

Enjoy one all-day adventure down the Salmon River. Our experienced guides provide the skills and equipment; you provide the power as we paddle through class II and III rapids. Not offered Cub Camp.

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