11+ Years of Camp

It was 11 years ago when our first daughter went to camp. Remember when we signed up with snail mail?! She was followed by a sister, and now a brother in his last year. Our youngest turns 8 next year, and we will start over again. Nothing can compare to the experiences they have had with you! They talk about it all year long, and look forward to the post cards that come on their birthdays. They would even pick camp over a family vacation! As a parent I am comforted to know that they are in a safe, kind and positive environment. Not many activities tempt a teenager enough to give up all social media for a week! We have been on the wait list before, and were lucky when everything worked out. Not having first choice in classes did not end up being a big deal. I warned my son this morning that we might get on the wait list again. If that happened, and even if he didn't get to go this year, we would use it as a learning experience.

— Codi Howarth Bolinder

Posted on: 03/10/2017