Treasure Valley Tres Dias

I would like to express my appreciation for your continued excellence, and servants’ spirit for both our men’s and women’s weekends our 6th Tres Dias in McCall. It has been a pleasure for us to experience all your camp has to offer and yes the vegetarian menu that all had to admit was more than sufficient.

It has been quite comical to watch the men who were convinced that somehow they would be emaciated skeletons after eating all "that healthy stuff" on the weekend and instead came to us pleading to turn down the food a bit. Many of us found we were able to do more and weren't nearly as tired. The freedom also to bring some meat in ourselves was helpful.

The only criticism would be that there are too many choices and the tendency was to eat more to try everything. What a terrible thing to bear. I would certainly advise any adult group to take advantage of the camp and their great facilities and servants’ spirit.

—In His Service, Larry Phelps

Posted on: 04/20/2015