This is a day I dreamt about as a staff member

This morning my eyes flew open at 5am. Today is the big day, one that I never thought about as a camper, one that I dreamt about as a staff member dating another staff member and am having anxiety attacks about as a parent. My baby is going to camp today, she will begin her journey as a camp 'lifer' just like me. While I know in my heart she will thrive there I cannot help but have those crazy motherly instincts that drive all moms simply mad when they are away from their babies.

Am I excited for her to experience camp? Absolutely. Do I trust the staff that they will care for her, watch over her, not let her near danger and show her Christ in every moment? Undoubtably. Do I know that she will have the best food of her life, come home singing more fabulous songs and be tired and smelly? I expect it.

But I am a mom, and I worry. I worry that she may not swim as well as the other kids and panic, I worry that she will get homesick, I worry that she will feel alone. These are all irrational as I know that waterfront is stacked with the best lifeguards and sound boat drivers, I know that her counselor will give her hugs and pray with her and I know that she is not alone because she is with 'Auntie Darla.'

Beyond all of these thoughts and irrational mom fears, I began to think about what camp is to me. what Ida-Haven is to me. And the most simplistic thought came to mind. It is not WHAT camp is to me. Camp IS me. I lived, breathed and loved Ida-Haven for 7 amazing years as a staff member. Through personal trials and hardships in my personal walk Ida-Haven became HOME in my heart. No matter where I traveled, what college I went to (and I went to 3), where my family was-Ida-Haven was and still is home. It is my safe place, it is where I met the love of my life and started a life together, it is where we celebrated our wedding with guests and is now where we choose to send our baby girl to experience what is as close to Heaven as there is. I am sending her HOME to have the best week of her little life.

Posted on: 06/28/2012