Cincinnati, Ohio to McCall, Idaho…2038 Miles to Camp

Camp Ida-Haven,

It was two years ago that we were in the position of looking for a summer camp for our daughter Halle to attend. Her cousin Parker who lived in Boise at the time suggested Camp Ida-Haven up in the beautiful mountains of McCall, Idaho. The only challenge would be registering two kids from two different cities on one early morning sign up, depending heavily upon our internet connection. In Cincinnati we were successful signing Halle up in 12 minutes. My nephew in Boise failed to register on time only to make it off the waiting list.

Camp that week for both kids was amazing, the activities, the staff and the friendships made were wonderful. Memories that will be with them forever. The conversations during the car ride down the mountain to the airport were nonstop. According to them" they both would definitely be going back to Camp Ida-Haven the following year".

Halle did go back to Camp Ida-Haven last year. She chose a new cabin; different activities made additional friends became closer to the staff and had the same enjoyable time.

For my family, Camp Ida-Haven represents a place that is situated away from the everyday distractions that life throws at our children. It is a place that they can exercise their mind and body. It is a place that unleashes the potential of each camper's best version of themselves. It is a place that we feel safe sending our daughter 2038 miles away to camp for a week. It is a place where my wife and I see the changes in our daughter from her week at camp. Her confidence, independence and growth in faith are evident.

Again, we are grateful that Halle has the opportunity to attend Camp Ida-Haven this year.

Thank you, Douglas, Darla and your staff at Camp Ida-Haven.

Larry and Betsy

Posted on: 03/02/2012