Child's happiness.

I will have one daughter signed up for Camp this summer. She will be twelve years old in May and will be entering the 7th grade. She was able to attend camp in the past and also members of St. Johns Church.

She looks forward to your camp every summer and really wants to attend. I don't believe you can put a price tag on the health of your children's happiness. Your camp has put a lasting memory in both of my daughters. A happy healthy spirit in them. I have another daughter who has attended for several years and this camp has brought her some of her happiest memories. It is in their best interest at this time in their life to have them attend your camp. We Love Camp Ida Haven!! Your camp offers kids the opportunity to develop spiritually, teaches them respect, my girls are so happy emotionally during camp and very much after; the overall attitude and values that my kids have learned I couldn't be more proud of your camp. My daughters are very appreciative of what your camp offers. They thank me often for sending them to such a great camp; but I also tell them to thank Camp Ida Haven too. I feel your camp is a very safe place for my daughter. She is comfortable at camp and with the entire staff.

Posted on: 02/26/2012