The Best 7 Summers of My Life.

Hey, this is Frodo. I just wrote up a testimonial about my time at Camp and just thought I would send it to you guys. My time at Camp Ida haven was truly a wonderful experience.  I learned so many things, met so many new people, and made so many new friends. The most important thing I learned there was not how a jet ski works, or how to shoot a bow, or how to survive in the wild. The most important thing I learned over 7 years at camp was the knowledge I would never walk alone because God would always be with me. Knowing that the most powerful being in the universe loves me and sent his son to die for me brings me comfort and happiness. I hope that other people can experience Ida-Haven like I did, because if they do, their lives will be changed forever. Thanks for a great 7 years of camp! Frodo
Posted on: 08/13/2011