What an incredible experience both my boys had at Camp Ida-Haven this summer.

Hi Darla and Douglas

What an incredible experience both my boys had at Camp Ida-Haven this summer. This was their first time attending and both were of course a little nervous before their individual weeks began.

Chase, was worried if he would "survive" survival training and if he would be able to actually get up on the wake board. He was concerned about what he would eat, the other boys in the cabin and more than anything the fact that he wouldn't have sugar. (I found the last item the funniest!)

When I picked him up he had black paint in his hair from the "best skit" ever, loved the food, rocked on the wake board, learned to build a shelter and the importance of a mud bath in survival training. He met some great new friends and his counselor, John, made a lasting impact on him.

Ty on the other hand was initially concerned with the climbing wall as it wasn't his preferred activity, the jet skiing after hearing his brother's stories and not knowing anyone else at camp. After his week we picked him up to high-fives and knuckles being exchanged with his cabin-mates, his stories about jet skiing, tipping the canoe, and his huge smile when he showed us the climbing wall that he had conquered at the end of the week!

As a parent we wonder and concern ourselves with every element of our kids. The most important things we can give our kids is self-confidence, independence, opportunity, love and support. Camp Ida-Haven is an incredible experience that fosters each of these elements in our kids!

Thanks Camp Ida-Haven for helping build such strong confident kids in the most memorable way possible... summer camp! Thank you for a great experience and allowing my boys the opportunity! Enjoy the rest of your summer and hope to see you again next year!


Kerrylyn, Boise

Posted on: 07/19/2011