Camp Ida-Haven was the best week ever!

Camp Ida-Haven was the best week ever! I loved having the chance to do so many different things. I was able to wake board, jet ski, learn self-defense, shoot arrows and how to survive in the wilderness. My counselor Jon was fun, exciting and loved to play games. He woke us up each morning with the theme song of the Pirates of the Carribean. He read stories at night that made us laugh and relax after a long day. The food was fantastic and my favorite was the "fake" chicken and of course the brownies. Pastor Paul was fun and his stories were exciting. I loved his craziness and that we had our own Superhero - Captain Choices! Thanks Pastor Paul for the campers bible - I love it! "I choose" Camp Ida-Haven! Chase1st time camper, Junior Camp, 2011
Posted on: 07/19/2011