It is always bittersweet

It is always bittersweet....sending them off. But I can't think of a better place for my kids. They are more precious than words can say and Camp is the very best place for them. We can't thank you enough for the impact you have had and continue to have in their lives. Really, you are beyond a blessing. Not sure how you do it....if you could bottle it up, the world would be a better place. But they respect you so much......they would never consider doing anything that might lessen your opinion of them.

To receive a compliment from either of you is the highest accomplishment. So, prayers to you Camp Ida-Haven, for a safe and blessed summer filled with growth, laughter, fun, sleep deprivation and ministry. You will be in my prayers daily as you change lives and prepare them for the kingdom that is just around the corner. Blessings to you as you bless us.

~Parent of camper

Posted on: 06/16/2010