What Camp means to MEEEEE!

About this time every spring I get a little ache in my chest, because I see kids and staff alike getting excited about the summer at Ida-haven, and I am jealous and wish I hadn't had to grow up and leave. I miss Cabin 8 (and 1 and 2 and 3 and all the rest). I miss dressing up in crazy costumes, being as goofy as I could imagine to be, singing my heart out and jumping around at campfire, watching my cabin girls race off to classes, excited about wakeboarding, or the craft they were painting, or that they finally screwed up their courage and made the 'leap of faith' and today got to try the zipline. I miss inside jokes with other staff, being outdoors in paradise all summer long, praying with each of my girls at night and getting to hear and partly share in all of the mini triumphs and tragedies of their lives. I miss Douglas and Darla (of course!), flag raising, 'hide the counselor', and sleeping out under the stars (even if we were woken up by buckets of water). Camp was a place where I couldn't help but smile most days, where I bonded with some very special people, and where I was led closer to my God every day, in a million different ways. Camp was where I was my best me, and I often think about "Camp Jacque" and try to remember to be like her. So, I'm pretty sure I'll get that little ache every spring for the next 70 years until I die, because that is what Camp means to me.

Posted on: 05/03/2010