Camp changed my life.

Camp changed my life. As a camper I found the confidence to make new friends and to build a stronger relationship with God without any shame. As a camper I remember all of the staff members being so kind and willing to talk. They were unashamed to share their life experiences and speak about God to us in a real way. Having camp in my life left such a great impact that I planned to eventually become a staff member myself, to help other kids and young teenagers find a relationship with God and to simply be there for them. And working at camp truely was a dream come true. All of my memories from my several years as a camper and my year as a counselor will never leave me. They are very precious and close to my heart. At camp I found friends among the staff and campers, exciting life experiences, and most importantly, God. Thank you D&D for all that you do. It means more than you know. :)


Posted on: 04/21/2010