Camp Ida-Haven means the world to me.

Camp Ida-Haven means the world to me. This will be my 8th year going to camp this year which is an incredibly long time, but every year the people leave me with such an amazing feeling that I want to return to the place where truly "the fun never ends." I love Douglas and Darla too, they are always so welcoming to new people and they are very open hearted.

When I become to old to return as a camper to Ida-Haven I hope to become a counselor or work there. Every summer I look forward going to camp. When ever the sign up form comes in the mail I have it filled out and sent the next morning. Ida-Haven is truly my home away from home and the staff and campers always leave me with a great feeling. I love camp and I hope that kids from all over will get to experience the fantastic times that I have!


Posted on: 03/29/2010