Every year I look forward to attending Camp Ida-Haven.

Every year I look forward to attending Camp IdaHaven. My brother and I have attended every year since we were 8 years old. This is the last year my older brother is eligable to attend so he is sad that his summers will no longer include being at Camp IdaHaven. But he hopes to become a camp counselor someday. I am lucky because I still have a few more years that I can attend Camp IdaHaven. I love it!

I have so many fond memories of Camp IdaHaven. I remember one time when I was with my cabin group preparing to go to Rec. We all tied up our hair in crazy buns and drew war paint under our eyes. When the camp staff called our cabin number we all grunted like football players and laughed at each other. Another time during the Simple Survival course, the whole class rolled in mud to use as a sun screen. I was completely covered in mud from head to toe and loved every minute of it. I won the prize "most mud-covered girl". I also loved the rafting trip. It was so exciting going down all of the rapids and screaming as we got splashed with the cold water.

I have made lots of new friends at Camp IdaHaven. And I look forward to making new ones each year. I also like it when, on the last day of camp, we exchange "warm fuzzies". I have kept all of mine since my first year at camp. The counselors and staff make everyone feel welcome and special. I never want to go home from camp. I want it to last all summer.

It is really cool when I get a birthday and Christmas card from my camp counselor and the staff. It reminds me of how much I loved camp and how much I look forward to going back in the summer. I appreciate the personalized notes they write on the cards and photographs they send. The counselors become your friends and I request the same counselor every year because she is so nice and funny. Camp IdaHaven is always the best part of my summer!

Carrie, age 12

Posted on: 03/29/2010