The night before camp.

Twas the night before camp and all through the house Not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse. The duffels all packed with the greatest care, in hopes that morning soon would be there. We hardly could wait to hop in the car, and drive on to IdaHaven though it's so far.

The Dad had his bike, the Mom her nurse stuff The boy dreamt of rockets, and funny camp skits The girl hoped for snow cones, she never gets enough.

When suddenly, out of the darkness, their arose such a clatter... The Dad sprang to his feet to see what was the matter. Up on the roof top there arose such a snore, it sounded as though it was a wild boar. Upon further investigation, it was discovered, it was just Douglas lookin for trouble, who said with a roar... "I'm just trying to find a new spot, your house, a zip line, now that would be hot!" Here's Darla, matching robe and soft slippers, she was shaking and shuddering her eyes all afire. "That Douglas, he's always schemin, it's a wonder I don't retire!" The yelling continued, "On Joe, and on Eric, Go Krysten and Anna (Kristen Anna that is!), On Sam, Joe, and Jasper, and Carolyn even you. What do you think, we're on Polly Anna? This is a big job, and I don't tolerate whiners. Johnnie's off slackin, and Megan's not here, Alan's sleeping, and Jordan... I think he's at My Father's Place Diner."

The Mom awoke in a cold sweat, thankful to find the dream was just that. No Douglas, no Darla, no zip line was installed. No gathering of staff, in fact no one at all! She crawled out of bed as they prepared to head to McCall.

As she gathered her bleacher chair, sweatshirt, and other CIH regulation wear, She stopped to ponder what was the true meaing there? Sure the beach is fantastic, the tan can't be beat The staff is just awesome, the golf carts are sweet (although a siren would make it better...) The classes are fun, the cooking delicious Many pills are passed out, and the injuries...they're just ridiculous! There's just so many things about IdaHaven Which makes it a favorite Nelson destination.

The best thing I see about a week in McCall, Is showing our kids that Jesus is ALL He loves to have fun, laugh and sing songs, He'll always look out for you even when you're wrong. When I think of heaven I think it would be easy to say, We've found a true picture of what God hopes for us today. The joy of fellowship, and many true friends, I compare it to IdaHaven...where the fun never ends!

Posted on: 03/23/2010